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Book Business March/April 2011 : Page 1

The Printers’ Evolution “We’ve evolved ... by compressing the supply chain, building it [around] when orders happen or keeping low inventory levels and accurately chasing demand.” … page 17 —John Edwards, president and CEO, Edwards Brothers Inc. The New Era of Book Marketing Publishers are spreading the word about their books to more targeted online audiences— and saving money. … page 12 Lessons in App Publishing “The biggest opportunity for app pub-lishers … will be children’s book apps on the iPad.” —Michel Kripalani, founder and president, Oceanhouse Media Inc. … page 26 “The way people access content on mobile devices will continue to grow, and more mobile devices will lead to more localized marketing opportunities.” —Rob Goodman, director of online marketing, Simon & Schuster Plus … Pressing Forward Into Digital Publishing University of California Press is restructuring to better serve customers beyond print. … page 11

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