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Book Business May/June 2013 : Page 19

mate at La Salle University in the early 1990s) took some time in March to talk to Book Business about his whirlwind life since his book hit the silver screen. Book Business : Thanks for taking some time to talk. I know you’ve had quite a week. So, tell me this: When’s the last time you actually had time to write? Matthew Quick: I finished writing The Good Luck of Today was a big day for me, I spent a few hours just writing. It felt great to do that. Last week when I came back from the Oscars, I was on deadline to edit The Good Luck of Right Now , and it felt good to do editing, something related to fiction writing. It felt really good to get back to that. BB: You were pretty involved in the promotion for the Silver Linings Playbook film. How did that happen, and when did things get intense for you? MQ: It got intense for me as soon as I saw the film. In Au-Right Now in August [2012] and I’ve just been promoting Silver Linings ever since. I wrote a few short stories in the fall, but I haven’t been working on anything long until recently. gust, the Weinstein Company had me come down to | JUNE 2013 ▲ 19

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