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Book Business May/June 2013 : Page 17

( buzz Book Store have even taken an “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” philosophy, setting up Espresso Book Machine stations in their stores to en-able writers to quickly print on-demand perfect-bound paper back books. and Booktrope are helping writers find all the services they need to take control of their book project. “The thing that is unique about Seattle and Portland is the DIY [do it yourself] cul-ture,” says Jenna Land Free. “People are much more open to self-publishing and excited about it. If they have any kind of network that they can tap into, they often prefer to do it that way.” “It’s obvious to every-one that publishing is going through throes of massive consternation,” says Wayt Gibbs. “In that context, it’s an advantage to not have a big staff that’s been doing the same thing in the same way. The new model is smaller and more flexible about what’s possible. It allows you to be a lot more nimble to take advantage of new op-portunities rather than fixat-ing on the process.” Nimble is a word that comes up over and over when talking about publish-ing. Publishers, writers and everyone in the literary com-munity have had to think quickly and creatively to sur-vive and thrive through the publishing industry’s massive transformation. And it’s the same with the Seattle is nothing if publishing world. Big not nimble. Perhaps it’s houses are publish-the blue-sky thinking ing more Fifty Shades of the tech space or of Grey , so we have to the way the large DIY be more realistic about Brian McGuigan community excels at traditional publishing.” thinking around problems, For many, it makes perfect but the community here is sense to look within Seattle’s finding a way to collectively growing literary community co-exist and be greater than instead to find homegrown, the sum of its parts. quality producers to feed the “There is a collective need publishing pipeline. x to get work out there. There will always be small presses Jennifer Worick is the former and publishers popping up,” editorial director of Running says Richard Hugo House Press Book Publishers and becker&mayer! She’s the New Program Director Brian York Times -bestselling author McGuigan, who observes of more than 25 books and is that the book ecosystem that also a publishing consultant. Her Gary Luke pointed to is not publishing talks and workshops retracting but simply go-with Kerry Colburn can be ing local. “Like eating local, found at WHERE BOOKS ARE BOUND FOR GREATNESS Request a quote at with our NEW simpli½ed system Great things happen when a plan comes together. Our plan is to make your job easier by offering: • Short to medium runs • Offset, digital, eBooks • Expedited schedules • Competitive pricing • Supplied ½lm accepted • One-Contact Customer Service Toll Free: 888.2 5.7244 • Fax: 734.663.5731 CheCk ouT our new look aT www.C-mbooks.Com & Follow us on FaCebook, TwiTTer & PinTeresT | JUNE 2013 17 Photo credit: Kathy Cowell

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