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Book Business January/February 2013 : Page 15

line: “The Gunny” (a double-wrapped Torpedo) and “The Tanker” (a mild spiced-rum Corona). Signed copies of Once A Marine would also be available, and serious cigar lovers could purchase a small camouflaged all-weather humidor (signed by Popaditch) to keep at home or send to their favorite Marine or sol-dier in the field, or a larger traditional humidor complete with a signed copy of the book and cigars inside. A por-tion of all proceeds goes directly to the Semper Fi Fund to support wounded Marines and their families. It was a natural pairing: “The Cigar Marine” with his own cigars matched with signed copies of his book complete with “the” iconic image emblazoned on the cover. It also doesn’t hurt that one of America’s most prominently wounded and outspoken warriors came up with the idea to donate partial proceeds to support other wounded Marines. Now, how to sell this pairing? We launched “The Cigar Marine” line with a standing room-only evening at Art of Cigars, complete with a WWII-era jeep, donated food and desserts, a lo-cal winery pouring outstanding zinfan-dels and ports, and an inspirational talk by Nick. Our in-house media specialist co-ordinated and promoted the event with mega-social media—Facebook, Pinterest, e-cards and more. Friends passed it on to their lists and it went viral in our region. Local media flooded in to take photos and conduct interviews. In addition to stellar sales of books, cigars and humidors, we now had our foundation to take the cigar line (and our book)… national. To accomplish that, we included “ac-tion photos” from the event into our full color media kits, which include all the traditional items of interest—with the thrust not on the book, but on the cigars. Ruth’s Cris isn’t successful because it sells steaks; it is successful because it sells the sizzle that sells the meat. In our case, in this marketing thrust, the “sizzle” is the cigar line. And just as Ruth’s Cris car-ries its appeal into your living room via TV, we are now poised to do the same thing in cigar magazines, on cigar blogs, in major cigar shops around military bas-es and elsewhere. It is fair to say that we could never have gotten copies of Once a Marine mentioned or offered for sale at these locations without pairing a cigar line with the book. (We are also sending cigars to every radio talk show and TV host who smokes them.) Not every book we publish has such a natural tie-in so far removed from the original product, but many do. Our job as publishers is to sell books. So I sug-gest you pour a cup of coffee (and light a cigar—OK, I had to put that in, right?). Pull each of your active books off the shelf, read the jacket copy, think about the author’s bio… and dream up a unique way to open up new markets. You can do it. Just sell the “sizzle.” x Theodore P . Savas is an honors graduate of the University of Iowa College of Law and worked as a litigator in Silicon Valley for many years before turning to book publishing. He is the Managing Director and co-owner of Savas Beatie LLC, and the author or editor of more than a dozen books in six languages. WHERE BOOKS ARE BOUND FOR GREATNESS Request a quote at with our NEW simpli½ed system Great things happen when a plan comes together. Our plan is to make your job easier by offering: • Short to medium runs • Offset, digital, eBooks • Expedited schedules • Competitive pricing • Supplied ½lm accepted • One-Contact Customer Service Toll Free: 888.2 5.7244 • Fax: 734.663.5731 CheCk ouT our new look aT www.C-mbooks.Com & Follow us on FaCebook, TwiTTer & PinTeresT | FEBRUARY 2013 15

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