Publishing Executive July/August 2011 : Page 1 JULY/AUGUST 2011 The Killer App for Online Branding “Internet has lagged behind in media spend because no branding solution exists beyond the rather literal banner ad—often ignored by site visitors.” — Paul Miller, CEO, UBM Electronics and UBM Canon (Publishing) … page 16 Can Digital Editions Be Sexy? 3 Lessons Magazines Can Learn From Cable TV ... page 15 15 great strategies for increasing sexiness (ok, appeal ), engaging the audience, driving ad revenue, tapping multiple versions and more! … page 28 COnTEnT AggrEgATiOn: Boon or Bane for Publishers? Are you “sensitive to the ‘echo chamber’ effect”? — Olivier Travers, CEO of Watershed Publishing … page 22 The Case for Daily E-newsletters Increase traffic to your website and ad-revenue potential. … page 19

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