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Book Business January/February 2011 : Page 1

A ‘Professional’ Approach to Multi-format Publishing “… The speed at which our customers are de-manding information in digital format versus print format is dramatic.” … page 12 Philip Ruppel, president, McGraw-Hill Professional Publishers’ Outlook 201 1 Book executives look toward the coming year with cautious optimism. The Price of E-Popularity “While we’re grateful for the growing interest in audio books, we’re challenged by the changes lower pricing [of digital downloads] will require in our companies.” … page 26 Janet Benson, president, Audio Publishers Association “We expect that online sales will be our fastest-growing … retail channel in 2011.” … page 14 Neil M. Alexander, president and publisher, United Methodist Publishing House PLUS... Enhancing the E-book Business Vook has produced more than 100 ‘vook’ titles and helped to advance a new digital book marketplace. … page 22

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