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Virtual Vanguard “When you look at the amount of money that is invested by the car manufacturers when they exhibit at a physical car show, their costs to be a sponsor at our [virtual] show are 1 percent or less compared to [that].” —Tony Foster, advertising director, AutoWeek … page 25 Postal Rates Rising “If a decision is made to fully compensate for the alleged 24% shortfall [in Periodicals mail revenue vs. cost], the Periodicals industry could be driven out of business … or to electronic media.” —Eddie Mayhew, founder, Eddie Mayhew’s Gourmet Live Condé Nast cooks up new revenue ideas for app. ... page 11 Classification Station … page 15 July/August 2010 Blanket Coverage For Randall-Reilly, covering niche industries from all angles provides a market edge. (Oh … and really valuable market intelligence.) … page 20 “We believe the last two years were not a time to just sit still … until times got better. We’ve tried to … improve our company so that when things did turn around we were in a better position.” —Brent Reilly, executive vice president, Randall-Reilly Publishing The Modern Printer’s Evolution “We’re in a no man’s land between what we can do today and where we’ll need to be in five years. … It’s a beautiful world of the future, but to get there is painful and potentially expensive.” —David Fry, CTO, Fry Communications … page 17

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