CEA LineShow Guide 2012 : Page-52

PRODUCT SHOWC ASE www.enlightingcorp.com The Scroll is an intelligent protection case designed specifically for iPad 2 & 3 users. Scroll's uni-body hardcase offers full body protection. Its ergonomic design makes holding iPad an enjoyable and comfortable experience, allowing you to use iPad like never before. Scroll also features industry-leading intel-light™ technology that displays full-color accent light around your iPad case in response to your multimedia contents. The House of Marley is committed to delivering Earth-friendly products that embody Bob Marley’s vision of equality, unity, and authenticity. Additionally, 5% of the proceeds from our products go to 1Love.Org. ^^^3V]LVYN YOUTH. PLANET. PEACE. BOB MARLEY™ MARLEY™ © Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Ltd., 2012. Right of Publicity and Persona Rights -Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Ltd. www.bobmarley.com IWj_i\oOekhIekb 52 2012 CE WEEK cealineshows.com


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