CEA LineShow Guide 2012 : Page-51

BitWise Controls is a manufacturer that makes affordable whole home automation devices made right here in the USA. With our automation controllers and templates packages we provide the easiest, most cost effective home automation option through smart devices available anywhere. Our professionally designed GUI Template packages streamline the installation process, saving the installer time and money. These fully customizable templates can be easily altered to meet any need, such as adding custom activities or displaying the installing dealer’s contact info and logo to the user. Our template offerings pay for themselves with the first job. Benefits to your organization: s No need to assign or hire additional graphic design staff s No need to learn complicated code writing s No need to roll a truck for project updates www.bitwisecontrols.com sales@bitwisecontrols.com Th e fi rs t e v e r color-changing t ow e r sp e ak e r f e a t uring: t (MPX5VOFT¥ t 3FTPO¥UFDIOPMPHZ for big, bold sound t 8JSFMFTTTUSFBNJOHPG  NVTJDXJUI#MVFUPPUI t %PDLUPDIBSHF i P hon e /i P od www .i h omea ud io.com Love your digita l l ife with innovative , l ifesty l e enhancing products from Spyder D igita l Research. Get a ll the enhanced detai l s at spydersty l e.com. Voice Controlled Music & Video PowerShadow i4 Battery Case & D ock for iPhone 4 / 4S PowerShadow i4 X Battery E x tender for iPhone & iPod The VOCO V-Zone+ allows you to plug into an existing stereo or TV for the ability to stream music and video anytime. With the VOCO Controller app for Android and Apple devices, use the power www.myvoco.com of your voice to stream music and video from multiple sources, in any room. cealineshows.com 2012 CE WEEK 51

Bitwise Controls

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