CEA LineShow Guide 2012 : Page-39

SMAR T ™ ™ Experience Smart Sound IQ Headphones by PNY Audio Labs. Designed to offer a rich sound and broad dynamic range. High, low and mid ranges can all be enjoyed at comfortably -without requiring excessive volume levels. Sound engineered to deliver a satisfying listening experience and reduce listening fatigue. Listen Carefully. 7JTJUVTBU#PPUI
&#1a;tXXX&#0f;1/:&#0f;DPN T H E A U D I O M O U N T -INTRODUCING an appealing alternative to inferior quality soundbars and costly home theater systems. The Audio Mount combines TV mount hardware with high quality, acoustically tuned speakers and a &#1d;&#1c;PUJOZ\I^VVMLY/PNOKLÄUP[PVU;=V^ULYZJHUUV^LUQV` exemplary audio quality with the available 2.1 and 3.1 systems. www.audiosolutions.com contact: salesataudiosolutions.com // 866-839-9187

Metra Home Theater Group

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