CEA LineShow Guide 2012 : Page-35

FOR SOME OF THE MOST EXCITING TECHZONES AND CONFERENCES AT CES 2013 Digital Health Summit: The intersection of technology and medicine is transforming every aspect of patient care. MommyTech Summit: Cool, calm and connected, that’s today’s digital family. Learn about how technology is the tie that binds. Kids@Play: Raising the next generation of digital citizens by looking at the tools that kids use today. Fitness Tech Summit: How technology allows people to monitor their fitness, stay safe and enjoy an active lifestyle. Silvers Summit: Connect, communicate and keep entertained with technology that’s designed for a mature sensibility. HigherEd Tech: One of the biggest disruptions to the world as we know it comes from technology and how it’s used in education. Mobile Apps Showdown: A contest that looks at the newest mobile applications destined to become classics. Last Gadget Standing: One of the most acclaimed events at CES, Last Gadget Standing showcases the 10 hottest hardware technologies at CES and lets you vote for the best. For exhibiting opportunities, contact LindaN@dcdmc.com or call 201-564-7900

Living In Digital Times

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