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EUREKA PARK CHALLENGE FINALISTS: eyeQ Product name: AtShelf Company Contact: Michael Garel, CEO Phone: 512-981-6387 Email: michael@retaileyeq.com Description: eyeQ provides retailers the abil-ity to monitor consumer purchasing behavior, generate retail business intelligence and in-fluence consumer purchasing at the shelf; in-creasing sales for the brick-and-mortar retailer. Novusport, Inc. Product name: Novusport Company Contact: Daniel Iturbe, CEO and Co-Founder Phone: 713-291-6994 Email: Daniel@novusport.com Description: A social media video game platform and online gateway for sports fans and athletes, Novusport has developed a proprietary patent-pending algorithm which measures customer data in a variety of sports and quantifies it with ten key elements to create fantasy sports-style statistics which allows the user to share their unique “Sports Graph” with family and friends, and to com-pete globally, with no boundaries. Adults, as well as children will have an opportunity to have all their sports statistics measured from an early age while enjoying the latest trend in social media. Sonar Product Name: Sonar Company Contact: Katie Smith-Adair, VP of Voice Phone: 503-752-0255 Email: katie@sonar.me Description: Sonar is a mobile app that tells you when your friends and friends’ friends are nearby, revealing the hidden connec-tions and small world moments you might have otherwise missed. By leveraging social and location data from networks like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn, Sonar gives you context about the people surround-ing you, and helps introduce you to relevant people who share your interests, friends and professional contacts. Force Innovations, LLC Product name: NuiWave Company Contact: Anthony Davis, President Phone: 954-646-5165 Email: anthony.davis@forceinnovations.com Description: For anyone who wants to en-hance their level of comfort and convenience at home, Force Innovations’ NuiWave interfac-es with existing home automation systems and empowers people to remotely interact with de-vices in their environment without the need for any handheld device. With NuiWave, devices can be controlled using speech, gestures or a combination of both. This also provides new options for people with disabilities such as loss of vision, motor control or mobility. Perpetua Power Source Technologies, Inc. Product name: TEGwear™ Technology Company Contact: Jerry Wiant, VP Marketing Phone: 541-360-0229 Email: jsw@perpetuapower.com Description: TEGwear technology, being developed by Perpetua Power Source Tech-nologies, Inc., converts body heat into useful electrical energy to provide power for small body-worn electronic devices. Applications that can benefit from integrating this inno-vative thermoelectric technology into their product solutions include wireless medical monitoring, sports & fitness monitoring, loca-tion awareness, and other ultra low-power mobile electronic devices. Tactus Technology, Inc. Product name: Tactus Tactile Touchscreen Company Contact: Nate Saal, VP Business Development Phone: 1-510-509-3414 Email: nate@tactustechnology.com Description: Tactus Technology is the de-veloper of a dynamic surface technology that enables real, physical buttons to rise up out of the surface of a touchscreen device. With this patented tactile surface, users can locate and push real buttons just as they would with built-in physical buttons. When no longer desired, the buttons recede back into the surface, be-coming invisible and leaving a smooth, seam-less and totally flat touchscreen. Interbots Product name: Popchilla Company Contact: Seema Patel, CEO Interbots Phone: 412-849-5831 Email: seema@interbots.com Description: Popchilla is a robotic therapy platform that combines mobile apps, interac-tive robots, and a data tracking service to help children with autism practice social interactions and everyday skills. Engaging mobile apps allow children to practice important life skills through interactive play. The accompanying emotion-ally expressive robot interacts with the apps, transitioning skills from the virtual space into the physical world, and the online data service provides caregivers with assessment, progress tracking, and recommendations.

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